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Frank’s Winter 2014 Anime Picks [Capsule Computers]

Frank Inglese Writes:

Happy New Year! Yes! It is 2014 and the Anime team here at Capsule Computers are here to kick the year off in a big way; with out Winter 2014 Anime Picks! Guy and girls out there, it seems as though we’re in for the start of a great year of Anime because the series’ that are airing in this season actually look really good and, even though I dismissed a lot of them at first because I was entirely focused on Space Dandy, I now realise that there’s so much more to be excited for.

Can I just say that last year was an absolutely fantastic year for the Anime industry, some great titles were released and most of them, good or bad, got fans of the medium really pumped and it makes me happy to see a lot of folks out there in good spirits but I’m also hoping that 2014 blows 2013 away with the Anime seasons to come!

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masterabbott1777d ago

cant wait to check out Space Dandy!

MonChiChi1777d ago

Yea, I am very excited for Space Dandy.

F-Inglese-941777d ago

It's already looking like an outstanding anime

deep_fried_bum_cake1777d ago

I told myself that I'd leave Space Dandy for now because I don't have the time for it but I kinda really want to watch it.

F-Inglese-941777d ago

I think that if there's one anime people HAVE to watch next season, it must be Space Dandy. There's no excuse for missing a Watanabe project ;P

deep_fried_bum_cake1777d ago

Well I'm convinced. Screw exams and dissertations :)

Kingoftherodeo1777d ago

theres a 9min clip of the first episode of space dandy on animeshi

nato251776d ago

You never let me down Frank, always top picks