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Eureka Seven: AO - Review | The Nerd Cabinet

Joey of TNC writes:

"Oh how I love Eureka Seven. Seriously speaking, it is my favourite series of all time; but that may not be the case here. For those fans who loved the original series, this is a nice revisit to the series. However, is it able to live up to the expectations? Well, yes and no."

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Thunder_God3105d ago

A positive review for Eureka Seven: AO. Interesting!

Hadn't watched it myself, but considering how fervently fans of Eureka 7 wish any memory of AO to be scrubbed from their memories, it definitely is interesting.

Saviior953105d ago

Yeah initially I was the same but after returning to it, you realize that theres nothing wrong with a bit of change :D

Shadonic3104d ago

Gotta disagree it was pretty bad IMHO only thing i liked about it was the opening.

Marow3104d ago

... Eureka was yandere? What the hell?

Saviior953104d ago

Well yeah, she started out rejecting everyone except Holland. Flipping out but then opening up and becoming amazing ;)

Marow3104d ago

That's... not yandere.

Saviior953104d ago

Shit your right, I meant Tsundereeeee :L