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Space Dandy Animator is Upset with English Dub

Junkie Monkeys: Bahi JD, an Animator for Space Dandy, has expressed his distaste for the English dub of the show.

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andrewer3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

lol one should never watch dubbed anime

Parapraxis3368d ago

There's plenty of anime that is just fine with dubs.
And frankly I could give a shit whether they are "great" or just average, when I'm tired and want to relax, I don't feel like bothering with subtitles.

Are_The_MaDNess3368d ago

when is subs ever a chore? really now.

there is so much more emotion and feelings in the voices in the original of almost anything.
it also fits the scene much better and the voice actors knows what they are doing and dont sound like a bunch of kidz all the time. atleast that how it is with most anime.

webeblazing3368d ago

i feel what your saying and you have a point but parapraxis is right. sometime your tired or just want to relax and sub is just too much. it mainly when the chars talk too fast or your high or been drinking and not able to focus on both (subs and animation). you get lost by following the subs you miss the action or what the chars was doing. or sometime the talk too fast then you have to rewind to reread (happens a lot even when sober especially given you definition of something in their language). yall both have point bubz to yall both

DragoonsScaleLegends3368d ago

@Are_The_MaDNess Unless you understand the language you can't say the voice actor is better at the character he or she is trying to portray.

SynGamer3368d ago

@Parapraxis - EXACTLY. After a long day at work staring at a computer screen, or out-and-about, sometimes I just want to watch anime before bed, but not have to read subtitles. I can take my glasses off and still enjoy the anime.

@Are_The_MaDNess - see above. I'm not denying that the original voices *usually* the best, but I'm also not completely discounting the English Dubs of many newer anime's simply because they aren't the original voices. There are some very talented VAs in the industry.

As for voices themselves, I've always found male Japanese VA's sound very deep regardless of age, while female Japanese VAs always sound way too high pitched and little-girl-ish.

For English VAs, it's kind of the opposite; males sound a bit too high pitched for the gender, while woman sound about right, though they can also get into that high-pitched sound as well.

Regardless, since I need glasses, having English dubbing is very convenient, especially if I'm tired and just want to sit back and relax.

Parapraxis3368d ago

Fellow glasses-wearer here as well SynGamer.

pompombrum3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

Lol being too tired to read.. that's a new one. Each to their own I guess but don't think I've ever decided to watch anime in the evening and thought "wow, I'm tired and don't want to read the subtitles"

Hayabusa 1173367d ago

"As for voices themselves, I've always found male Japanese VA's sound very deep regardless of age, while female Japanese VAs always sound way too high pitched and little-girl-ish"


I find it hard to appreciate Jap dubbed anime as the voices are often so high pitched and squeaky (especially females), it's difficult for me to take it seriously sometimes.

And yes, sometimes I want to put anime on while I fall sleep, which I can only do with English dubs as I can still follow the story with if I close my eyes. I know, I know, why put on anime if you're not following the visuals, but like I said, it helps me sleep sometimes.

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256bit3368d ago

you obviously didn't read why he was upset with the dub.

LeShin3368d ago

'Reading's a chore'?!

Man, this is what the world's come to these days...

andrewer3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

I laughed because I actually read it, and you don't know me so I couldn't care less for what you think. There are several reasons I hate dub, that's why I made that comment.

"Obviously"...bwaha hahaha

pompombrum3368d ago

Usually I agree but then I remembered just how bad DBZ was in Japanese.. especially Goku's voice, give me the English dub any day. There are some anime though where English dub works.. Ghost in the Shell for example has an excellent English dub.

andrewer3367d ago

Yeah that that awesome opening dragon dragon rock the dragon dragon dragon rock dragon dragon...Lots of americans dislike DB because of the horrible subs. I didn't watch it in japanese either, because dubs in my language are very good, but I can't think of a dub worse than english. My opinion, though.

DragoonsScaleLegends3368d ago

He was upset with the translation not the voice.

bb14z3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

I prefer subs for two reasons. First, it makes better immersion because most of the environments and character designs resemble Japanese characters and environments. (There are very rare exceptions to this...and usually the anime has to be made for American audiences in the first place for Dubs to work. Cowboy Bebop, Afro Samurai, ect. The only exceptions to this rule are some popular shonens like Yu Yu Hakusho and DBZ- which are the other exceptions.)

Second is because I usually like to try to buy anime I like. By watching the subs online I can go ahead and buy the dubs knowing that it's going to be a somewhat new experience by the time I get the DVD or Blu-Ray box sets. It keeps things interesting, if you will.

There are two more reasons that are kind of given. First is that there are some -really- bad dubs out there, while Japanese voices are almost always consistent. The second reason is that Subs are out on the internet way before Dubs are available.

Oh yeah, and Subs are very rarely censored to the same degree Dubs are for some reason. I guess American audiences are just much more politically sensitive about a lot of things the Japanese aren't.

I know that's more like five reasons. However, the first two are the only current reasons I watch subbed over dubs. The rest are just matters of convenience. I'm not trying to sound elitist or come across with a "I'm better than you," attitude...But it really makes sense to me to always watch subs over dubs whenever possible. Because let's think about this logically, the only reason everyone I ask that prefers dubbed over subbed is because they hate...reading...

Then I facepalm really hard at how sad our society has become.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx3368d ago

I prefer dub most of the time only certain shows do I watch sub instead.Usually flipping between either is not a problem for me tho.

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