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Buddy Complex Blu-ray to Have English Subtitles in Japan

ANN writes: "The official website for the Buddy Complex television anime series announced on Monday that the first Blu-ray Disc volume will ship on March 26 with English subtitles. The volume will have the first two episodes, anime promotional videos, anime television and Blu-ray Disc commercials, clean opening and ending animation sequences, the BC Extra Stories Vol. 1 drama CD, the 52-page BC Archives Vol. 1 special booklet, another four-page exclusive booklet, and a serial code for a smartphone game. Amazon lists six monthly Blu-ray/DVD volumes from March 26 to August 27."

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SynGamer3248d ago

I wish more companies would do this. While many anime's get licensed, it still takes awhile for them to get over to North America (if ever). Being able to import the Japanese blu-rays with English subtitles would be great, though not ideal. Yet it seems many releases do not include English subs.

Subby3248d ago

Agreed, but in this case you're paying $60 for two episodes. You get plenty of extras but for most people that's just too expensive.

SynGamer3248d ago

Very true. Though to be fair when the collections do come out, it's usually still months (sometimes years) before we get it in North America.