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Steins;Gate: Fuka Ryouiki no Déjà vu - That Type of Anime Movie (The Cart Driver)

The recent Steins;Gate movie has more story to tell, but is it a worthwhile addition to the series?

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Shinmaru2749d ago

Not an exciting movie! Agreed that showing the movie from Kurisu's perspective is not all that interesting. These days I more frequently find that I prefer my anime flicks to be standalone pieces. Stuff that ends the story after the TV series doesn't work often enough for me.

Flawfinder2749d ago

Would have helped if something actually happened in the movie besides characters just walking around with less tension than the Iron Man films.

Marow2749d ago

Can I read this if I haven't seen the anime?

Shinmaru2749d ago

Yes. There are few specific details about the plot in the review. What's said is stuff people could have gathered just by knowing it's a Steins;Gate movie and the type of plot that entails.

Marow2749d ago

Thank you! I should really get around watching the show...

bb14z2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

I think people seem to have a wrong idea on just what this movie was meant to be. It's not meant to be a direct continuation of the TV series, but it's meant more to be of an epilogue. When viewing it like that, it becomes much easier to appreciate it for what it is.

I thought the best point of it is that we view this story from Kurisu's perspective. We see her grasp just what Rintaro was going through- which I think wasn't impacted as well as it could have been within the Anime. That alone makes this movie worth watching. (I don't think many people will argue whether this movie was worth watching, but rather if it lived up to it's potential and left lasting impacts.)

In the ideal world, this movie would have been part of the original TV series. (Taking it from a 25 episode show to a 28-30 episode show. Refer to Roberta's Blood Trail for how this story could have been similarly handled.) This is because, being a standalone movie, I think it set the wrong expectations to the viewer compared to what the storywriters were going for. I also don't think having this movie act as the true ending of this story did this show justice. The expectation that this movie would be something left a lot of people (including myself) disappointed.

Hell, I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. Pretty much nothing significant happens externally to any of the characters within the confines of this story. The movie ends before we can see any sort of hints of a lasting impact. But again, when viewed as an epilogue; it doesn't have to.

wishingW3L2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

if you watched the second half of the anime then this movie will be so repetitive, boring and predictable it's just a waste of time to watch.

Subby2749d ago

I don't understand the appeal of these anime movies, that are so highly budgeted that they debut in theatres. It seems almost as pointless as a recap movie.

Enough of these companion films that do little to offer new content. I haven't seen it and now I probably won't bother.

bb14z2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Coincidentally, I am writing a review for Steins;Gate, so naturally I'm going to reference this movie. If you don't mind, I'd like your opinion on something.

Do you think this story would have worked better if it had been actually tacked onto the original series either in the original run as part of the first season, as an series of OVA episodes akin to Roberta's Blood Trail, or even as a full 12-episode second season? Personally, as I stated in my comment above- I thought it was a good idea on the storywriter's part to show this ordeal through Kurisu's perspective; as I do not believe the exact nature of what Rintaro went through for his companions was ever properly impacted. However, I also think the creators really couldn't do all that much within the confines of a 90 minute movie.

As we see by the end of the movie- nothing significant happens. True, one could argue that it was implied Kurisu had developed internally to have a new appreciation for Rintaro's ordeals...But then again that goes against the age-old epigram of many famous writers, which is "Show, not tell." We don't honestly see anything happen besides Kurisu realizing the gravity of repeated time travel. However, even the gravity of that event is never impacted. We, the viewers, don't know what happens to Kurisu or her relationship with Rintaro as a result of this experience...As the movie ends just as they are reunited.

I don't know about others, but I could easily see this story even becoming another 12 episode season, given the right circumstances. However, I'm interested to see what fellow fans think. As it stands, this movie is best seen as nothing more than a rather long epilogue. And though as an epilogue it does seem successful, I and so many fans seem to feel that this movie (and what it's story represented) could have been so much more.

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