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Geekenstein's Top 5 Anime of 2013

"Every year, we’re treated to some of the best animation from Japan we could ever ask for, and 2013 held a horde of great to excellent series and movies that can be classified as instant classics. These are ranked as my least-to-most preferred, and if your favorite anime isn’t here it’s likely because I just haven’t seen it yet (or I hated it). Obviously, the opinion(s) below are my own and aren’t intended to be taken as end all be all truth, but they can be! Let’s get started eh, perhaps with everyone’s most talked about series of 2013? Oh, by the way, I’ve gotten a lot of questions as to what a ‘cour’ is. A cour is simply a way to say ‘production season’ in Japan. It basically is a 13-episode run for a series and most shows run one-to-two cour in a production run. Hopefully that clears up some things for the future, now let’s get started!" - Curtis Stone of Geekenstein

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