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Pokémon: 5 Stupid Things About the TV Show

Fanboys Anonymous counts down five things from the Pokemon television series that made no sense.

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LocumSelf3297d ago

WTF is Bulbasaur doing blowing???

hazelamy3296d ago

in the show the Pokemon are show as being intelligent, in the shorts before some of the movies they talk to each other.
so wouldn't capturing these sentient creatures imprisoning them in those little balls, until the trainer releases them for a battle and forcing them to fight each other be some form of slavery?

how does that Pokeball thing work anyway.
even the smallest pokemon are usually bigger than the ball.
so how does something big like a a Snorlax fit into a Pokeball?

then you get huge things like Onix.

and how do the Pokeballs themselves also shrink?

and why is Ash such a crappy trainer?
seriously, he goes to a water gym and doesn't use Pikachu?

there were probably five years olds shouting at the screens about using an electric type against water types.

it's a good job he didn't have any rock types, he'd have probably used them.

StockpileTom3296d ago

They also seem to have some teleportation tech going on in the series zapping the balls from one place to another. The balls must be bigger on the inside or something... TARDIS maybe?