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Madoka Magica As A Tragedy: The Perfect Ending?

Alex Schmitz of Tech Heads writes:

"Though I had heard about Madoka Magica for months, I didn’t see it because I’d heard the words “magical girl show”. Immediately, cutesy, colorful images of Sailor Moon popped into my mind at the mention of magical girls. However, after watching Jesu Otaku’s review of the show, I was intrigued by the impressive visuals and her description of a perfectly executed tragic story. Having now seen the show almost ten times, I can confidently say that I was wrong to doubt it. It ranks among the best anime I’ve ever watched. It takes a popular genre and twists it into a dark subversion without feeling overindulgent or being gruesome just for the sake of being dark. Today, I will be examining Madoka Magica’s classification as a tragedy by examining various definitions for tragedy, the characters as tragic heroes, and the ending to see if there was any other way the show could have satisfyingly ended."

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