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Anime Top 5: Girly Shows I’m Ashamed of Enjoying

"So I’m ashamed to say… I’ve started watching My little Pony: Friendship is Magic… yeah.

I don’t know what came over me, I saw all the hype about it on the internet and I was curious, so I watched an episode… and then another… and another… and oh god I have a problem.

Now I wouldn’t consider myself a Bronie because those guys are super creepy (Seriously, I dare you to type into Google “my little pony” with safe search off) but I do think the show is genuinely good: The writing is funny, the characters are all lovable and the animation is really good, however I couldn’t tell any of my drinking buddies these things because of the inevitable.

This did get me thinking though, there’s a lot of anime out there that was aimed at girls when it was made but I as well as many other guys I know actually got pretty sucked in by these anime and watched them from beginning to end, so here’s my fabulous list of girly anime that I’m ashamed I enjoyed."

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andrewer2734d ago

+Cardcaptor Sakura for me, and not a single bit of shame hehe

Rai2734d ago

I see no shame in Lucky star, that series was awesome

StockpileTom2734d ago

Not fearing what anyone else thinks about what you watch and enjoy is manly itself isn't it? No remorse or compensation is needed! Toradora and Lucky Star rank pretty highly there on my list of favorites.