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‘Fairy Tail’ Reveals New Lucy & Natsu Anime Character Designs

While we had a look at some of the character design material when the site first opened for the 2014 continuation of Fairy Tail, which you can see to the right, it’s now updated with two character designs for our leads that definitely look different. And in a good way as it looks closer to the manga style than the previous series, even if it feels a little rounder and more fanservice oriented. The new look comes courtesy of the new character designer, Shinji Takeuchi, who has joined the production that’s largely made up of the same people from when the series went off the air last year. Check out his interpretation of the leads in Lucy and Natsu below!

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GenericNameHere3036d ago

Oh man, did Lucy get breast reduction? :(

s45gr323036d ago

I can't tell if she did damn it

s45gr323036d ago

Ok can't wait for fairy tail to return and sadly I can't spot the differences of the old design to the new one