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Top 8 Most Boring Anime

Have you ever watched a movie, picked up a TV series, or read a book that looked promising, but which ended up being a real letdown as you soon realized what you were trying to enjoy was complete garbage?

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mamotte2179d ago

Uh, someone here doesnt like slice of life genre.

gaffyh2179d ago

I'm not a fan of slice of life personally. I don't find it the least bit interesting or funny, but I'm sure there's more boring anime than this too.

DivineHand1252179d ago

Author knows what he is talking about. I ended up dropping the every anime he mentioned on this list except Yuru Yuri. The rest were boring and it boggles my mind when I see people having high ratings for some of them. Also no I do not hate those anime because they are slice of life because there are plenty of slice of life I do enjoy watching.

koga882179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

This person must have no sense of humor. While a few of the shows on his list I did drop, saying that Nyaruko, Nichijou, YuruYuri, and Kill Me Baby are the most boring anime is just sad. Each of those had me laughing every episode, even if Kill Me Baby's laughs were mostly due to how bad it was. Terrible stuff here.

EL Lanf2179d ago

You can call those shows quite a few things but boring really isn't one. I guess if the comedy doesn't do anything for you then you'd find it boring but 'boring' can be used to describe most things you don't like.

If I had to say something I'd define as boring, it'd be the Haruhi movie. By having the main characters barely spend any time together as a group, it lost its happy-go-lucky charm in favour of being all melodramatic.

honestcroissant2179d ago

How can you call Hyouka one of the most boring anime ever?

Somebody2179d ago

For me it's Needless. Initially it showed promise. And then the major fights happened.

Fights that ran almost non-stop one after another that happened at one spot in half a day. It was such an overwhelming experience with barely any room for slow, quiet moments that it got boring after the hundredth fight. For once I was wishing for a silly out of the blue filler episode or two to slow things down.

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