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Vegeta to Star in Next Dragon Ball Z Movie, Info on Goku’s Mother

New information on the future of Dragon Ball Z

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tayz3111d ago

yes more DBZ!! Super Saiyan God Vegeta would be soo nice!

DeathScythe3111d ago

Ss god vegeta would be epic, but he hasn't even turned ss3 well at least he did in the video games.

KillerPwned3110d ago

Wait which one does he go SS3?

DaylightChris3110d ago

I think he turned SS3 in the raging blast games right?

aDDicteD3111d ago

Nice!! I want a Vegeta movie, I hope it happens!

N4OGs3110d ago

I bet vegeta is actually gokus father or something lol. Goku I am your father!

bigrob9043110d ago

you realize that vegeta is not that much older than goku? also we know who goku's father is. Bardock.

P.S there is a chance you could just be kidding so if you are disregard my comment.

KwietStorm_BLM3110d ago

Well I hope it's better than the last one.

Torunkz3110d ago

Movie is not gonna happen, they had a chance to make a good DB movie and they failed hard, even worse then the Super Mario Bros movie, IMDB gave SMB movie 4.0 while DB movie got 2.9, which is HORRIBLE.

KwietStorm_BLM3110d ago

Are you talking about the live action movie?

Porcelain_Chicken3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Haha the live-action movie? too true! As a hardcore DBZ fan that movie was a spit in the face. I was hoping it was a guilty pleasure at least but nope... And those lines!!! I don't think i could cringe any harder. Shame.

aDDicteD3109d ago

This news is regarding dragonball Z movie not the live action film,, the last DBZ movie battle of gods was ok and it scored 7.5 on imdb

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