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Toonami Needs Your Help with “The Intruder Part 2″

Junkie Monkeys: Remember the year 2000. Exciting times with a lot of great television programming blocks airing, one of them being Toonami. Toonami has always held the hearts of many 90′s kids, not only because of the awesome shows they aired consistently, but also because of the lovable robotic host TOM. Toonami now needs your help with bringing back a classic related to TOM.

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1Victor2338d ago

sweet I want to see tom vs evil(red intruder infected) tom

link2Dpast2338d ago

Lol wow nostalgia is banging and kicking on my door, that was great to watch.

I remember running home from after school to watch DBZ at 5'oclock.

Tom and his A.I is the original Master chief and crotana

drizzom2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

Oh man I remember The Intruder. That was an awesome little series that got a lot of attention from the fans. It really sucked seeing TOM 1 go out like that. All hands on deck for this one. Hope it turns out great!