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Jtor AM 17: The Great Super Sonico Debate

Karen Mead of Japanator writes:

"Obviously the hot issue of the week is whether or not Super Sonico is actually worth watching, but as per usual, we have plenty more questions to answer: Is Hayao Miyazaki just a grump, or do animators need to get outside more? How did Sentai Filmworks stay awake long enough to license both Magical Warfare and Nobunaga the Fool, both of which could put a hypochondriac revved up on three cases of Monster Energy Drink to sleep with their boring-ass pacing? Why is Space Dandy so much funnier when you're talking about it than when you're actually watching it? And why does no one own a cell phone in Nisekoi? All that, and more, on this jam-packed episode of Jtor AM!"

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