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Death Note Getting Another Series?

Time sure goes by quickly. The ever so popular franchise, Death Note, has recently turned 10.

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Zolric2345d ago

Death Note is getting another series?

Eh, I don't know if I like the sounds of this.
I mean, if Death Note gets another series, I can only see it going 1 of 2 ways:

1. There's yet ANOTHER Notebook dropped on the ground.
2. Somehow there are loose ends in the original Death Note series that weren't completely taken care of.

I mean, Death Note to begin with was an 8.25/10 series to me.
It was actually a decent series in it's own right.

But does Death Note really need another series?

I guess it doesn't hurt, but still.

Are_The_MaDNess2345d ago

a remastering of the series would be great tho. cleaning the frames up and making it HD with new effects..... take it up to like Fate/Zero Levels in quality. would be great. and it wouldnt break the story either

gaffyh2344d ago

Honestly, I would love a new series of this show. Death Note was one of the very few anime that was very different, yet very good (even the second arc was half-decent). A remaster is not needed, because if you watch it back, it still stands up today.

Also, mandatory request for Claymore Season 2.

Are_The_MaDNess2344d ago

blury 480p does not stand anymore IMO.
the Dvd is blury, the fansubbers releases it blury.
they need to do a remastering of this IMO.
the quality just isnt there ATM.

gaffyh2344d ago

If that's the case they will just do a Bluray release

Etseix2344d ago

maybe he just saw the first arc :)

Vojkan2344d ago

I like how specific he was with .25 lol
On top of that 8.25 is "decent" on his scale. I guess 7.75 is bad lol
Clowns that post on these sites....

Nitrowolf22344d ago

I don't really disagree with him. It's an 8/10 for me, jsut because of the second half where they replace one of the main character with basically two characters that try to be him. It just bugged me. I felt they really did explore mos tof the things, but when they basically re-added the dead character, it was like "not this again"

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pompombrum2345d ago

Interesting, anything with Death Note in it's name will come with ridiculously high expectations, lets hope they manage to pull off another awesome series.

foie2345d ago

For me, any theoretical anime that would be as good as Death Note's first half is worth my time.

NarooN2344d ago

I remember watching Death Note back when it aired on adult swim, it was pretty sick, at least before the latter half when a certain character got replaced by two more wannabe-characters who were inferior to him in every way...

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