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Neon Alley Going Free

Neon Alley is going free with Hulu on April 1st.

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1734d ago Replies(1)
SaffronCurse1734d ago

terrible april fools joke

256bit1734d ago

nope, they even confirmed it on their twitter page. it is no april fools joke.

ZombieGamerMan1734d ago

The best pranks are the ones that are sold to be true

MonChiChi1734d ago

It's true. Neon Alley is joining hulu and will have page on there. You can view it free on PC's and need a hulu+ account to access it on various other devices. As for the live stream, I think that's dead but they will continue to add new Naruto and so on.

Varzoth1733d ago

If it's indeed true that will be awesome.