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Tales of Asteria Mobile Game Unites Tales of Characters This Spring

ANN writes: Namco Bandai Games unveiled its newest title in its Tales of RPG franchise, Tales of Asteria, on Monday. The “RPG that ties together intersecting feelings” will be released this spring for smartphones via the App Store and Google Play store, and will be free-to-play with in-game content available for purchase. Namco Bandai Games also began streaming a teaser promotional video for the game, which will contain an completely original story:

The word “Asteria” means “story of stars,” according to the game's official website, which also opened on Monday. The website is currently accepting pre-registration for the game, and those who register early will be given a double chance to receive a Milla card and one more character card for use in the game. However, as of press time, Namco Bandai has halted registrations in order to perform maintenance.

As previously reported, Do as Infinity will perform the game's theme song, “believe in you.”"

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SynGamer3060d ago

Seeing some familiar faces, hoping this gets an English release this year as well. More importantly, I hope the game isn't ruining with in-app purchases being required to enjoy the game.

DivineHand1253059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

I think the people in this gaming community needs to start recognizing the mobile platform as a competent gaming platform since the quality of the games has been improved from when angry birds came out. There are many titles that are comparable in terms of depth, gameplay and story to what you would find on sony and nintendo handhelds.
There is a game that has me addicted to the point where it is affecting my sleep lol. It's called Brave Frontier. This game might not be an example of one of those games with deep story and gameplay but its really fun and very addicting. Especially if you know friends in the real that are playing and you compare each other progresses.

I'll be looking forward to see how this game turns out.