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‘Fairy Tail’ Anime Gets More Updated Character Designs

As noted before with the other main characters that we’ve seen the new designs for, the updates are minor tweaks in general and are mostly just smoothing things out a touch and drawing it closer to the manga. The official site for Fairy Tail has now added more of the designs this week as we get n idea of how Wendy, Happy and Charle are coming out as well as Gajeel, Laxus and Juvia. The new look comes courtesy of the new character designer, Shinji Takeuchi, who has joined the production that’s largely made up of the same people from when the series went off the air last year. Check out his interpretation of the leads in Lucy and Natsu below

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ALICE6662194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

Don't know if I like the new designs...

They look less detailed and way more 'cartoony'.

Juvia doesn't look good at all... this guy looks very amateur compared to the last character designer.

Oh well, as long as I get my Fairy Tail Anime back I'm happy at this moment.

RenKaraLeri2190d ago

I love old designs... I don't know if new ones are better