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Rumor: Crunchyroll Anime Coming to

So Sothis and her team are preparing a new feature for the site: and there are a few rumors regarding it but one that has gained more steam than the others. Sothis; the creator of Anime-Planet has been so kind as to give us a teaser as to what's to come. Needless to say, giving a dog a a bone is the best way to get it excited for a juicy piece of steak. This image is the only hint the community has as to what's to come and it may in fact involve the anime simulcast site: Crunchyroll. Not much to go on but it's enough to get the rumor-mill going.

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LelouchNaruto3263d ago

It's possble because she is mature enough not to do Illegal stuff. Best possible case is affiliaton with Crunchyroll.

I would prefer Anime-Planet as an indiviual Identity.