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'Attack on Titan' Creator Sees Bright Future for Japan's Anime Industry

If you believe the rumors, Japan's anime industry is fading fast, losing ground to offerings from South Korea and Southeast Asian countries. But Joji Wada begs to differ.

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Aleithian3085d ago

Maybe it's just me being overly analytical, but I wasn't satisfied with this interview.

First, he chooses to speak of the walls in relation to economic prospects, primarily. Sure, there may be an economic dimension to the theme of imprisonment represented by the walls, but highlighting this dimension shorts the depth of the writer's story. What of the psychological, cultural, and moral imprisonment that more accurately, interestingly, and completely reflects the symbol of the wall?

And then, in answer to the second question, he speaks of "boys" wearing 3D gear rather than boys and girls. Of course, girls prominently feature in the anime. That he chose to speak of boys rather than both sexes concerns me. It suggests an assumed gender-interpretation of the story.

That said, his last comment regarding the prospects for the Japanese anime industry is interesting. Let's hope that formula is abandoned and creativity flourishes - in the first place a creativity of theme, in the second, of form.