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Naruto 667: Gai vs Madara – Will Gai Use 8 Gates Forbidden Technique? (Predictions) "Naruto 667 is just around the corner guys, and I’m pretty sure we are all excited and anxious to see Mighty Gai battles Madara in this chapter. The previous chapter also hinted us that Gai might with use the Forbidden Technique. But the question is, will Gai open up to the 8th Gate, which is the Gate of Death, and sacrifice his life just to fight Madara? Will Gai, somehow, could defeat Madara? Let’s find that out in Naruto chapter 667. Meanwhile please continue reading my predictions below."

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LelouchNaruto3050d ago

Yes, some one is going to die Obito, Gai or Kakashi unless Naruto saves them somehow.

Have you checked the weekly shonen jump site? In their manga 667 preview it's mentioned that Naruto meets with the old mystery man.

whatswithjeff3050d ago

who could this old mystery man be? Rikudo Senin? But this is not the same person who appeared in front of Sasuke right?

tayz3050d ago

i have a feeling it's jiraiya! somehow and someway

sanninyamadura3047d ago

it. is. the. sage. of. 6. paths -_-

alexg5873049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

So here are my theories ...i think naruto and sasuke will both get sage mode heres why...
Having the uchiha and senju power are requirements. I think obito will give naruto his uchia power and i think sasuke may already have the senju power,remember harishama gave him something..if not then the mysterious figure might be yamato (who also has senju power).may he was freed somehow and knew everthing that was going on seeing how his power is wat made that massive clone army.

My second theory.. naruto gets revived, sasuke gets revived and sasuke give naruto hs power.

And i think gai will go 8th makes no sense not to cause whether he does or not he's dead anyway might as well go all out

sanninyamadura3047d ago

are ya stupid? sasuke is not getting anything kabuto is the mystery person who will save his ass

sanninyamadura3047d ago

Obito will give naruto the nine tails along with the one and eight tails chakra thus making naruto a sage of six paths as well cuz naruto had all of the other tailed beast power and all he needed was the one and eight tails chakra obito knew this and he got the one and eight tails power on purpose in order to make naruto a sage of six paths so in the end naruto will gain the power of the sage of six paths as for sasuke well he might be dead for good..

whatswithjeff3046d ago

Agree with naruto part, but i guess sasuke won't be dead. I'm also having doubts whether sasuke will attain rinnegan or not. probably not.