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Toonami Ratings for March 1st, 2014

How did this weeks ratings do? Want to know how they compare to last year? Click here for the latest in ratings and our ratings comparison.

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foie2594d ago

Glad to see Toonami doing well even though I don't watch it anymore. It was easily my favourite TV programming as a kid!

DivineHand1252594d ago

The Toonami block starts too late. I'm sure if it started a little earlier the ratings would have been much higher than this. When I was a kid growing up, the latest I could stay up was 2:00 am and that is if I was fighting to stay awake.

Still those numbers are impressive given the time it starts and I hope they will continue to see success. Also what I would really like to see is them bring another season of ThunderCats or another network acquires it like maybe nickelodeon. I just don't understand why they would cancel such a good show.