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Upotte!! Complete Collection Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"Anime and guns occasionally cross paths but when they do it is usually for a series that is action packed or dramatic. However recently there has been a rise of shows with girls with different kinds of military grade hardware. We have seen teams of girls controlling tanks, girls playing around with air soft guns, and now Upotte!! has taken it a step further by combining these two things into one. That will make more sense in a minute, but the question is, does it make sense to pick up Sentai Filmwork’s release of Upotte!!?"

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koga883298d ago

I was surprised when Sentai announced that they were giving this an English dub. Shame that the quality of the dub sounds like it didn't turn out that good. Might still give it a go though as I really loved the show back when it aired and I was sad it was only ten episodes long.

Subby3298d ago

I kinda dropped this, despite liking the theme. Should probably get back to it..