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5 Major Cases of Hollywood Ripping off Anime (and One Huge Counter-Example)

“Rip off!” "It’s fun little accusation to throw around, innit? These days, whenever we look over any list of forthcoming blockbusters, the default response is to bemoan the lack of originality on display. What’s up with all these sequels? Why are there so many remakes? Can a movie ever get made without being based on a comic, novel, TV show or video game? It’s enough that we excitedly treat “originals” like they’re rare and precious animals wandering onto the farm. But how strict do we want to get about the notion of a flick “not being based on any prior material?” Well, I’m going to argue here that many memorable “original” Hollywood pictures have actually owed enough of a debt to anime that they should really have an additional “based on” credit."

"Of course, we can’t act like anime hasn’t ripped American films off plenty of times (compare Dragon Ball Z‘s Saiyan Saga with Superman II if you want a laugh), and there are certainly plenty of cases where the same ideas just happen to bubble up in the zeitgeist coincidentally (for fun, contrast the blonde, grouchy, chain-smoking exorcists who inspired both Mushi-Shi and Constantine). Today, though, we’re squarely focusing on the most undeniable, laughable, and egregious imitations – ripoffs so flagrant that our frothing nerd rage prevents us from just letting it go. These are not coincidences."

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