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Naruto 672 - Naruto and Sasuke Are Back and Gai's Final Move (Prediction / Discussion / Spoiler) WARNING HEAVY SPOILERS AHEAD "Naruto 672 is up next and finally we are back at the battle ground were Gai is fighting Madara really hard. The previous chapter was also a huge revelation in the world of Naruto. It’s finally confirmed that Naruto is Ashura’s reincarnation and Sasuke is Indra’s reincarnation. Naruto and Sasuke are bound to face each other. Whether they decide to fight each other and re-leave Ashura and Indra’s life and keep the war going on, or end it once and for all is really up to them. Hagoromo or the Hermit of the Six Paths has just entrusted his powers to Naruto and Sasuke and this will change everything. Meanwhile Gai is having a hard time with Madara, but it seems that Madara is also having a hard time (rather a good time) fighting Gai. Will Gai use the Night Moth? Will this be Gai’s final move? Let’s find out in Naruto 672."

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