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March Summary (2014) [Sekijitsu]

Written by Czai, Heartless, Mindtap, and Yippy of the Sekijitsu writing team:

March marks the end of the Winter anime season. I personally have mixed emotions on the series I’ve watched but nonetheless I think that Winter was a pretty decent season. Most of the Winter series finally concluded together with the few carry-overs from Fall 2013, which I’d like to believe many anime fans enjoyed – Kill la Kill and Log Horizon, which Heartless and mindtap talk about respectively.

Genuine Winter shows, on the other hand, were mostly playful series which either failed or just maintained their quality throughout their run. To name a few, there’s Hamatora THE ANIMATION which opened up nicely for me yet ended pretty badly (I share Heartless’ opinion on this one). There’s also Chu2Koi Ren which mindtap discusses (I’ll be watching this one later on). Setting aside disappointments, there’s the very touching Gin no Saji S2 and the nicely wrapped up Hozuki no Reitetsu which Yippy talks about.

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