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Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion - Being Unable to Let Go.

Guy had watched the third Madoka film, and he'd been impressed. The last twenty minutes had left him very conflicted, until he realized there's an interesting read of the film as a letter from Gen Urobuchi at its fans, where he says they are Homura, and they are unwilling to let the franchise die.

Urobuchi admires free will in humanity, but he still thinks that we are the embodiment of The Devil for it. This film is an intensely interesting film which doubles as his ode to the terrible and magnificent nature of humanity.

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Thunder_God1657d ago

So many different layers on which to like or dislike this film - visual, story, meta-story, how it relates to the series, how it relates to the future of the franchise.

I think like it or dislike it, it's interesting, and is an amazing discussion piece (the movie, not necessarily the article above, which is but a facet :)).