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Boobs, Bravery, and a Boy: A Magi Review | Short Pause

I have seen my fair share of anime over the years, but few are able to etch themselves so deeply in my little otaku heart. One such series, called Magi, has made itself a permanent home on my list of all-time favorites.

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tazmeah2244d ago

Well said! Although Aladdin is the funniest character to me, Morgiana is my favorite. She's both destructive and demure at the same time, like a sledgehammer wrapped in silk.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2243d ago

I think it is currently one of the best on going Shonen. One of the best in years in fact.

tazmeah2243d ago

I really enjoy it too, which is why I'm taking my time with it. I'd hate to get to the end of Season 2 and not be able to watch any more. Are you a fan of Hunter X Hunter, DeathXtheXkidX ? I really like that one too.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2243d ago

Magi I decided to catch up to the manga then I'll watch season 2.

HxH is awesome but I'm pissed because the author has been on a hitaus for 2 years. Soon to be 3 ongoing.

Trunkz Jr2243d ago

Yeah HXH is where it's at, sure Togashi is lazy but the content he presents is pretty good as far as story goes.

FlameBaitGod2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

I hope we get another season soon :'(, hxh just pisses me off now, it used to be amazing. Now they only fking talk and narrate everything like if we where mentally challenged.

Shadonic2243d ago

I'm cool with it the narrations explaining the power's and how and why and the consequences of such things connect the events and positions together smoothly.

tazmeah2243d ago

When granted a wish by a powerful genie, it's no surprise Aladdin said he doesn't need anything. He already has the magical ability to fondle breasts at will (not to mention the lesser abilities to fly and do awesome magic).