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No Game, No Life Episode 4 - Impressions and Notes

Another entry in my note-taking and thought-jotting series of posts on currently running shows. This episode focused on something Nietzsche wouldn't like, but most shounens would - turning your weakness into a strength, and some Lelouch-like mind games.

As always, the notes were taken while actually watching the episode, and rather than just repeating what you've already watched, elaborate upon it, assuming you've already watched the episode.

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Thunder_God2362d ago

This was my favourite episode of the series. Was it intelligent, was it well-articulated? No. But it was /fun/.

Declaring war on everyone in order for no one to attack him, the explanations of his plan... even if his grand speech came out of nowhere, character-wise, it was still well-delivered and enjoyable to watch.

But now, a new arc, so need to hope they hit the ground running!