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K Series Collection Blu-Ray Review [Capsule Computers]

Kane Bugeja writes:

Doppelgangers are an interesting facet of existence. With the billions of people who call this planet home, there’s bound to be a few who look similar, despite lacking a genetic connection. It’s pretty cool. Of course, when this causes gangs of superpowered tough guys to come hunt you down, it becomes substantially less cool. A fact that one highschooler now knows all too well. Captured on film performing a crime he claims to have no knowledge about, is this a case of mistaken identity, or is something much more heinous afoot?

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F-Inglese-943246d ago

Seems interesting. May check it out.

deep_fried_bum_cake3246d ago

It's worth checking out, even if only for the fact that it's so gorgeously animated. I quite liked the story even though it wasn't that amazing, I'd like to see a second season. One thing that is apparent throughout though is that it's a shoujo. Just about every conversation between the male characters in the show involves unnecessary blushing.