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Toonami Releases "Intruder 2" Teaser

Junkie Monkeys: Back in February Toonami faithfuls were asked to show their demand for The Intruder: Part 2. It looks like the #intruder2 campaign was a success, because Toonami has just unveiled a small teaser for The Intruder: Part 2.

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Deadpool6162378d ago

Looks like they're getting back to their roots. No complaints from me, I love this stuff.

noxeven2378d ago

As long as they dont go back to the 3 bodied tom unit.

Shadonic2378d ago

Next installment will be master-chief model

Treezy5042378d ago

That would be messed up lol.

Arty842377d ago

as fun as these little segments might be who gives a crap if their programming is still crap