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Review: Wake Up, Girls! (2014) | Project Otaku

Mrs Blunder writes:

After watching the Wake Up Girls!: Seven Idols movie, it’s only natural that I’d continue on to watch the Wake Up, Girls! series. While the movie didn’t exactly have that “movie” feel, it did do the job of a pilot episode – as in creating enough interest that the viewer just might check out the series after all. Here’s my thoughts on it!

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tazmeah2346d ago

For a review, your website name has to be listed in the title... just as it's automatically listed under the link "Read full review" and under the thumbnail, and it's already listed all the way to the right (from the homepage view) underneath the score's location.

I know, I know, it doesn't make sense to also put it in the headline space when it's already listed in so many other places, and people can already see which website this review is coming from without clicking on anything. It's also true that neither the guide nor tutorial say anything about putting your website name in the headline when submitting a review — so you didn't do anything wrong — but the moderators will prevent your post's approval if you don't do it, so do it. ;-)

ProjectOtaku2346d ago

You know, of all the times I've submitted reviews, that's the FIRST time I've forgotten that! xD