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Summer 2014 Season Expectations

Another season, another preview! Unlike other sites which cover all sites or tell you what the shows are ostensibly about, Guy focuses on the shows that interest him and /why/.

He also covers some shows that are on the cusp, or that he's not interested in but finds it interesting to comment on.

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Thunder_God2115d ago

Not a lot of shows I'm "super hyped for" but a lot I find to be interesting. I think that may be better - less to be disappointed by, and hey, who knows how execution will turn out to be - it's usually the small scale dramas I often enjoy more than the grand shows anyway.

JD_Shadow2115d ago

I got a feeling that many animes are not really going to compete with Crystal. That's THE anime this year from all the hype and the history that the franchise has had. There's a lot of people that are at least curious about it, so I can't see many other companies that will try to actively try to debut a big deal anime this season because they believe SMC to be like what Call of Duty is to the gaming scene.

Thunder_God2115d ago

I disagree. People can't count like that and just sit on stuff, there'll always be more stuff.

If anything, SAO 2 is going to have more weight behind it. With all due respect to Sailor Moon, it's older, and thus the newer crowd is less excited for it. Not to mention it's only going to have an episode once every other week, and it's going to air for a year. No way people are withholding releases due to it.

Especially since it's been delayed numerous times, and no one knew where it'd actually air.

Zankyou no Terror, by the creator of Cowboy Bebop? OST by Yoko Kanno? Naw, I don't agree.

Also, "hype" is a check you have to cash in at some point. We'll see.

JD_Shadow2115d ago

The show would be the only one right now that people would know something about, since it's also a very recognizable character.

Trust me, it's going to be kind of a big deal. Yeah, I am kind of taken aback at the episode schedule structure of it, but it might work out in keeping filler at a minimal this time around. The problem with your theory is that it's a reboot and a brand new series, so those that had never heard about it before will also be interested to see what all the fuss has been about.

And I was also mentioning this season. Of course, the more people know how well it'll perform, the more competition will come to either play off of it and try to feed off of its potential success or something else. Bottom line is that it's a series that has a potential to be a high success (of course, it can also bomb gigantically, but I doubt that), and I think that, at least for the summer, even when you mention those other animes that I know will do well because of the names behind them, it will put some people who want to release something off because they know how much weight is behind that sort of release.

And if all goes well, it will make Fall out to be a season of a lot of heavy hitters.

MEsoJD2114d ago

"TOKYO GHOUL" is the most interesting to me. I read a few chapters of the manga and the premise is compelling.

NovusTerminus2114d ago

Tokyo Ghoul is all I am watching, while finishing up Black Bullet.

Might check out Zankyou no Terror as well.