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The Shrinking Borders of the Digimon World: The Woes of Western Localisation [SnapThirty]

Kane Bugeja writes:

Cast your minds back, if you would, to a magical time known as 1999. The 21st century was still on the horizon and virtual pets were all the rage. Born out of some kind of business trickery that convinced children responsibility was fun (which it kinda was), these digital companions created a bond between man and machine that would never be undone…until the pet passed on and was immediately replaced by another. But then that bond would stand the test of limited time, until you left it alone to go to school, or play with friends, or watch TV…man, games used to be very clingy. But we loved ‘em and one thing that Digimon had over Tamagotchi (the heavy hitters in virtual pet technology) was simple: battling. Boy was that fun. Raise your pet to be happy and healthy? Cool. Raise your pet to be happy, healthy and powerful? Awesome.

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F-Inglese-942240d ago

Fantastic article, man! I signed the petition and i'm ready to see the return of digimon!

futurefrog2239d ago

I wish the digimon series would get more attention over here