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First Impressions: Sailor Moon Crystal 1 | Project Otaku

Mrs Blunder writes:

With the first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal live, I honestly find myself of a rather mixed opinion. There are elements I like and there are elements I don't - the art style itself being one of them. I won't deny that I've been hardcore fangirl over the Sailor Moon franchise. In fact, it was a major part of my childhood, just as it was for many others my age. With that in mind, it's only to be expected that I'd have high expectations for a reboot - but were those expectations met? No, not really.

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JD_Shadow2335d ago

The author says that s/he's biased about the older series, so it's in the head there.

To me, I did enjoy it, and I do understand the art style. It does make sense. I did enjoy a lot of things about it, and I think the reviewer was a bit harsh. There are things that some might need to get used to (the CGI, for instance, or this art style), but it's fine for what it's trying to do.

One major gripe about this review: the transformation sequence she views as "rubbery", when the original anime established Usagi as pretty friggin' flexible (look at her S transformation).

What I WILL say, though, is that the soundtrack, particularly the music cues, are among some of the better ones I've heard. It's got a Final Fantasy vibe to it with the choir, and I swore that I got a Metal Gear vibe when Usagi hears Tuxedo Mask for the first time in the store. That just blew me away how similar it sounded, and I hope I hear more of it. If nothing else, this will be an anime with one hell of a soundtrack.