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[Anime Nichijou] Lets Talk Art: Summer 2014, Part 1.

Honestly, the Summer season is a packed one: From pretty boys to corny shoujo highschool romances to high-budget showdowns.

You know it, I know it, we’ve all been waiting for the reaction over the new (And mighty dissapointing) Sailor Moon, the much hyped “gore-fest” that is Akame Ga Kill, the showdown between two of the most high-profile people in the anime scene with Aldonoah.Zero and Zankyo No Terror, the second abtastic season of Free! and the king of wish-fulfillment Sword Art Online (Apparently It’s Gun Gale Online now, whatever), as well as all the small gems we’ve been loking out for.

While I have a lot of issues with this season, I figured I’d kick my return to aniblogging off with yet another article of me judging people that can draw way better than me, cheers.

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