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Making Up For Lost Time – Frank Plays The “Pokemon Trading Card Game” (3DS) [SnapThirty]

Frank Inglese of SnapThirty writes:

Reader, I don’t know about you but my friends and I used to be Pokemon card masters. We never actually played the proper game but we did buy at least one booster pack a week. A game we used to call ‘flips’ spread across the playground like a plague. It was a simple game where two combatants would go head-to-head, each of the players would play with one of their own cards. The aim of the game was to flip both cards and have them land the same way up. This would result in you taking both the cards. It was our form of gambling back then. We used to bet our best cards and the winner would always walk away with a pocket full of another child’s precious Pokemon. I remember the bigger kids in my life actually playing the TCG (Trading Card Game) and, from the view of a small child, they were Gods among men. Never once did I try to learn how to play this game, I just stuck to ‘Flips’, to which I considered myself quite the legend. Time passed and eventually I got to a point where I no longer felt the need to collect Pokemon cards like I once did, though I still loved the franchise and have followed it all the way up to the present...

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Treezy5042329d ago

I was addicted to this game as a kid and I never played the actual card game. After playing the game so much I felt like I could make the best deck and give the real game a shot lol.