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On The Move | Knights of Sidonia, A Review

Found lurking within the bowels of Sidonia, a “seed” ship carrying what is perhaps the last of humanity, a underground array of alleys going left and right, up and down, that he’s pretty much been living in since his birth with his now deceased grandfather. Under his grandfather’s influence...

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ZeroReq0111563d ago

Good day, my name is ZeroReq011, and this is a review of Knights of Sidonia. Please... feel free to eviscerate it. Not me though. I like my guts where they are.

frjoethesecond1563d ago

Good review. I think I'll watch this show.

blitzburns41563d ago

Hey Zero. I'm blitzburns4. I commented on your review because my comment was too large to put here.

ZeroReq0111563d ago

Hello blitzburns4. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my review. My response should be visible on my blog.

Flavor1563d ago

Read the manga it is even more awesome. thne read BLAME!, the author's best work.

bluegoblin1562d ago

Good show. Looking forward to season 2 :)

TheDivine1562d ago

Loved it overall. Had a few slow spots and whatnot but eagerly awaiting season 2. Hope we get a nice limited edition bluray release.