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Tekken 7 Announcement Trailer Unveiled

Frank Inglese of SnapThirty writes:

Well who saw this one coming? Probably a great deal of fighting fans in the world who were moreso hoping for a new ‘Tekken’ game rather than simply anticipating. It was announced at this year’s Evolution Championship Series (a.k.a ‘EVO’) that ‘Tekken 7′ is now in development and has been for a little while at this point in time. Alongside the announcement came the teaser trailer for the upcoming fighter which, unfortunately, showed absolutely nothing of the actual game but set up a pretty serious storyline. Now the teaser does happen to feature the words ‘the final battle’ quite close to the end but I’m not so sure this will be the last ‘Tekken’ game. It’s a series that has lasted this long, I highly doubt it is going anywhere anytime soon.

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Treezy5042492d ago

YES! I really hope they get rid of that extra damage boost they implemented in Tekken 6.