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Sword Art Online II Episode #02 Anime Review | Fandom Post

Cleaning up, one bullet at a time.

What They Say:
Sequel to Sword Art Online, featuring the next arc “Phantom Bullet”.

The Review:

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This episode, while action packed, is a little slow – it sets the stage for what appears to be two concurrently running stories that will at some point intersect. ‘Ice Queen’ focuses mostly on the blue-haired girl from the end of last episode, the Ice Sniper Sinon. Sinon is an excellent sniper in the world of GGO, as we see demonstrated in this episode. Sinon has been hired to help take out a traveling company (the equivalent of ‘Guilds’ or whatever phrase you’d like to use in Gun Gale Online), and the ensuing firefight is complicated significantly by a large, brutish bodyguard named Behemoth who happens to wield a minigun. And he can dodge Sinon’s shots at a distance.

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