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Naruto Manga Annoucement Next Week, Is The End In Sight?

Shueisha are reporting in this years 34th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump that a big Naruto announcement is incoming.

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TXIDarkAvenger2324d ago

I don't think it will be an announcement on the end of the Naruto manga but I'm sure its coming very soon, definitely by the end of this year or within a couple of months if they don't drag it on or start a new arc.

TheGameTagerZ2324d ago

No way can Kishi start a new arc after this. We're at like the final boss.

Flavor2324d ago

The manga industry knows that once Naruto is finally off life support, they will only have one piece and maybe HunterxHunter to keep the industry solvent.

They will postpone the end as long as they can.

hkgamer2323d ago

agreed, i doubt they would start a new saga.


hunterxhunter? is that still relevant? its practically been on and off constantly.

does no one read bleach anymore?

also kuroko and toriko are quite popular,

DEATHxTHExKIDx2324d ago

it's either series end or, the movie announcement

JustSaiyan2324d ago

This seems to be the line of though, I think WSJ just added the 'ultra-important' bit to stir up interest.

gunnerforlife2324d ago

What I want to know is why does kaguya need an army! Does she need the army to fight someone or something? And why does she look like an alien!? Maybe she's from another planet? And there's beings as powerful as her out there!?

Gamefan122323d ago

man hunterxhunter got so boring

I am finding more manhaws ( or whatever they are called ) better now

two of them:

if you haven't read those .. do so

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The story is too old to be commented.