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Ten anime that need either a reboot or a new season

Anime series have been getting new reboots, new series or continuations as of late, the most recent ones include Sailor Moon Crystal and last year’s Rozen Maiden as well as 2011′s Hunter X Hunter. There are also several anime adaptations which have been getting much needed new seasons like Sword Art Online II and Oregairu/ My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU which will be getting its new season next year.

However, there have been several series that fans have been wondering whether or not they will be getting a new season, a new series, a reboot or a continuation. Sgcafe takes a look at ten of the series which have fans who have been asking for something new about these anime series for years now.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx2284d ago

Yu Yu Hakusho- I think the anime is pretty solid it dosen't differ that much mostly just in the final arc/epilogue. The only fights I felt were long were with Suzaku and Togoro. I also like the anime's art style.

Kenshin- Reboot would be welcome.

Rave Master- Same. would like to see a Reboot.

Everything else I haven't seen.

dota2champion2284d ago

A real Dragonball Z reboot would be nice. Another reboot of Fullmetal alchemsit would also be sweet.