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Dragon Ball Z 2015 Movie - First Screens

The upcoming new DBZ movie was teased this morning in Japan, check out screenshots from the new movie!

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Reportillo42316d ago

dang that looks pretty cool

blackblades2316d ago

Boy it'll be awesome if future trucks comeback.

colonel1792315d ago

I just want the movie to have lots of action! Have Gohan not be useless like the entire Boo saga, have better fights with Gotenks and for the first time, have someone else to be the hero and not Goku ... Sadly none of that will happen...

DEATHxTHExKIDx2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

Well theres a lot of reasons Buu saga went down the way it did. Toriyama wanted to end DBZ multiple times but it was so popular he got pressured into writing more. He basically wrote Goku back into the story to save everyone.

blackblades2315d ago

Yeah I know what you mean, I would like a movie with everyone fights tien, yamcha, definitely piccolo they should of kept him strong like the saiyans.

Legendary-Status2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

umm I don't know the direction they are really going with this movie but im hearing goku will be evil some sort of way... & vegeta has to stop him idk? this is some thought's i hurd around the web cause if you do see the promo pic with Goku.. he look's a bit oFF in a evil way.. and i haven't seen Goku look evil since Ginyu took over Goku's body

WeedyOne2315d ago

I think he just kinda looks pissed off, not so much evil. That's the kind of look he gives when people mess with his friends and family. Like one of his buddies just got destroyed and hes about to whoop some ass!

ironfist922315d ago

Its hard to pinpoint when these films are set within the tv show.

Afterlife2315d ago

The plot holes in Battle of Gods is annoying me. How can they make so many mistakes? If they aren't holes, it isn't explained properly.

I hope this movie takes more time to make, to get its facts right.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2315d ago

To be fair DBZ never had the best written story. Toriyama said Goten dosent have a tail because he simply forgot.

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