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LGBT Guild Holds Pride Parade in Final Fantasy XIV

Twinfinite writes, "It's always nice to see people coming together within the gaming community to do something life-affirming."

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capitanandi2285d ago

Ahhh that's amazing! As if I didn't already want to play this game enough.

paradigmfellow2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

I am actually thinking of quitting the game. It is becoming more of a grindfest with each new patch. I got burned out with the atma farming, crafting (rng and getting materials), gathering rng, the amount of gill I need for the novas weapon, the horrible luck with ST and coil drops, and the stupid hunts. I actually have not done a single hunt because I do not make it in time. The only reason I have not quit yet is because I enjoy playing with my static when we do coil. However, I am already reaching a point where I might as well call it quits.

capitanandi2285d ago

Aw that's a shame. I'll just see how I feel about it whenever I get around to it. It'll probably be a while, so maybe they'll fix up some stuff along the way til then.

paradigmfellow2285d ago

You will probably enjoy everything until you get to atma farming. I enjoyed the game until 2.2 arrived. I stopped crating, gathering, alexandrite farming, and I will never do the hunts. I don't plan on getting my novus weapon. I only log in to do coil and maybe to do some ST if I have an inclination to do so. I even stopped logging in to cap my soldiery for the week. I can't get any new soldiery gear because of the accuracy requirement needed to do coil and I pretty much stopped gearing my secondary classes.