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New Batch of “Hyrule Warriors” Screenshots Introduce Us To “Ocarina Of Time” Greats

Frank Inglese of SnapThirty writes:

For a game like ‘Hyrule Warriors’ to stand out as another fantastic high-octane action title, it needs to have a cast of highly-likable, bad-ass characters…well, if anything, it has that and so much more!

Three new characters for the upcoming game were revealed but a week ago through Japan’s ‘Famitsu’ magazine, you may know them, they each play somewhat pivotal roles in the ‘LoZ’ Nintendo 64 classic ‘Ocarina of Time’: Sheik the mysterious assassin, Darunia the Goron warrior and Princess Ruto the Zora beauty were all announced as playable characters but with their announcement came no real show of just what it is they will be able to do in-game, well…that’s all changed now thanks to Tecmo Koei’s latest batch of ‘Hyrule Warriors’ screenshots...

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