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“Mega Man Battle Network” Wii U Release Date Revealed

Frank Inglese of SnapThirty writes:

Megaman.EXE is absolutely a program I’d love to have on my personal computer but, unfortunately, something that amazing has yet to have been developed though I’m hoping that some sort of P.E.T-style device will be put out on the market sometime in the near future. Now if you have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s ok, it just means you’re not a fan of the surprisingly highly-popular ‘Mega Man’ spinoff video game series ‘Battle Network’...

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TheGameTagerZ2314d ago

I loved Battle Network. I need a Battle Network 7 :(

DivineHand1252314d ago

I thought they were going to remake battle network with graphics that take advantage of the wiiU's hardware or a sequel to battle network 6. I'm a little disappointed that its just a virtual console release but at least its something. I only played battle network 3,4,5 and a little bit of 6 and out of the bunch my favourite was 3 because it had the style change mechanic.

This might be a little off topic but I think new gamers of today might not like megaman because of the difficulty. I remember lending one of my friends megaman x4 and he said he dropped it after 5 minutes because the difficulty was too high.

Deadpool6162314d ago

It's good to see Nintendo give Mega Man some attention.

hkgamer2313d ago

thought it was a new battle network game. played bits of it and was fun. hoping for a new one.

capcom really needs to start using the megaman franchise a little more. make a small game once in a while.

TXIDarkAvenger2313d ago

Cool but I really wish there was a GBA store on 3DS, then I would buy it.