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5 Good Anime That Are Actually Set In Highschool.

Anime has the social stigma of being nothing but fanservice highschool trash and, unless you’re new to the community and everything it stands for, you could say that they wouldn’t be that wrong, either.

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Alixithymia2278d ago

I love Haruhi, don't get me wrong, but I feel like it had too many archytypes and cliché characters to be on the list, or something. Either way it's just my own opinion.

andrewer2277d ago

I think I would add Great Teacher Onizuka too. Maybe Baka to Test as well? or SKET Dance? xD dunno but good list.

renerak2277d ago

You got nice taste in anime. 1 and 3 i like. The second i quit mid way once the love triangle and drama started. 4th i watched that so very long ago that i can't remember wheather it was good or not. 5th i haven't watched it yet cause the name puts me off.

Dude4202277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

*Reads article title*

*Sees thumbnail that show huge bonkers*

tazmeah2276d ago

"huge bonkers" is not fan service.