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UzerFriendly - Sword Art Online: Absolutely Addictive

UzerFriendly - “Sword Art Online” takes place in futuristic Japan. The year is 2022 and a new virtual reality game has just been released called- take a guess- Sword Art Online! It is just like any other MMO except in this game everything seems real. For example, when in the game you can touch, smell, and taste the food just like in real life. The main (and might I say extremely attractive) character “Kirito” finds himself ahead of everyone else in the game. He is able to gain this advantage as he is one of just a thousand players chosen to be beta testers. However, something is not right within the game and within hours of the game being released all those who have logged into the game find that the “log out” button on their main menu no longer exists. The creator of the game Akihiko Kayaba appears above the main playing area where all the players have been teleported. He goes on to explain to the frightened SAO gamer community that they are now stuck there, and the only way of e...

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DivineHand1252272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

I disagree with the review. SAO does not do mmorpgs justice and suffers from many problems. I saw SAO on a weekly bases while it was being aired and I continued watching to have a credible opinion on it despite what other people were saying.

The first problem was the pacing of the show. This anime had a huge time skip after the first dungeon with the main character progressing through most of the game with no character development.
There are other problems but they aren't as fresh in my head since its been a while since I saw the series but I do recall that in the final battle between him and the GM, he came back from the dead and won the fight. That was an ass pull and very unnecessary.
Other problems that I can recall is that the romance in this series sucks since we do not know anything about Asuna. They just decided they liked each other and went it that. Next is that Asuna had an opportunity to escape the game but slowly pressed the logout button giving the bad guys enough time to notice her.
Overall the story for the series was very poor and does not represent any mmo out there since all mmos are designed around one rule. "Fight together or die alone" Kirito does not follow that rule yet still comes out on top of everyone else including the GM. That alone destroys any credibility the series had.
If you are looking for an anime that truly represents what it is like being in an mmo then you should watch Log Horizon.