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Top 10 Cutest Anime Couples

Enemies, unlikely allies, and eventual lovers - they all hold a place on this list of Top 10 Cutest Anime Couples. They love each other they fight to save each other but sometime they fight against each other. Some couples are from the series which are ended but they still have place to be in it.

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renerak2282d ago

Seriously sasuke x sakura! When were they even a couple? Sakura just whines around and burdens naruto for her pathetic childish crush. Natsu x lucy? I always thought natsu liked that white haired nice girl. Erza x jellal, dude there is something very wrong with u or i take it you are a young kid or doesn't understand what is love. Inuyasha x kagomi, i take it you are female and likes shoujo romances. Maid sama, somehow confirms you are female. Naruto x hinata, although i like them both there is hardly any romance. Wow, ichigo x rukia, i wasn't expecting that, so instead of actual couples you just pair people with hints of romance. As for sword art, the romance was good if you only watched the 1st arc. Later it becomes childish. Ed x winry, they are the only people in your list which belong there, that is while compairing them to the rest.