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Rail Wars! Episode #04 Anime Review | Fandom Post

We take a trip to the beach, bouncing along on the Odoriko Express to Izu. Oh, the train ride itself is quite smooth, it’s something else that will be bouncing.

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Episode 4: “I Think I Might Like It”

The Review:
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So, today K4 have an unusual assignment: they have to ride along as bodyguards for an idol, Noa Kashima, who is the image girl for JNR this year. She’s riding the special tourist train (the Odoriko special express for those who care) to Izu for an event for JNR. This is high priority as the team’s boss, Osamu Ominato, the chief of security at Tokyo Station, has a personal interest in the idol (he’s Member No.7 of her official fan club). On the trip, Takayama shows himself to be a total rail otaku.

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